Download either the whole product or just development files, including the CMemScav library, for Windows and/or Solaris 
The product may be downloaded in one single shot as a Windows self extracting executable. This will both install the Monitor (Windows program) and copy two development files for C Memory Scavenger, one for the Windows platform and one for the Solaris platform, to the place where you choose to install the Monitor. However, these two development files may also be downloaded separately, and is described below. 
To download a Windows self extracting executable, containing the whole product, either go to, or DOWNLOAD IT HERE DIRECTLY FROM OUR PAGE. Note that the latest version of the product is 2.0 and can only be downloaded from our page. The version at is 1.1. 
The separately downloadable development files contain the CMemScav library for the respective platform (CMemScav.dll and, header files, demo source codes, examples how to compile and run the demo codes together with already compiled and linked executives for the demo sources. These are the Simple example, the Advanced example, and a Stress Test, launching 250 threads, randomly allocating memory using all memory functions and deliberately "forgets" to clean some allocations.  For Windows, a Visual C project is supplied for compilation/linking/executing, whereas for Solaris, some script files are supplied. Finally, readme files are supplied, describing how to compile and run the demo codes for the respective platforms. 
  • For Windows, the development file is
  • For Solaris, the development file is CMemScav_SolarisDevelopment.tar.gz