Register C Memory Scavenger, i.e., register both the Monitor program and the CMemScav library 
The product may be tested for 30 days, then it is necessary to register it by buying a license and enter the license data into the product. The license fee is US$ 149 and could be paid for using standard credit cards, bank/wire transfer, checks, and even cash. 
To buy a license, use one of the links below: 
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  • French 
    More information about how to enter the license data, both in the Monitor program and in the CMemScav library, is given after the license is bought. 
    Note that a license gives the buyer the right to build in this license key into products of his or her own, regardless of the buyer is a person or a company and if the products are freeware, shareware, fully paid, or whatever. The only restriction is that the license key is not made available to others, including possible users of the buyer's products.