Using The Program 
To restore one or more files, first choose the first smaller file (for each big file), then decide where you want the original files to be restored, and, finally, start the process. This, together with some options, is described below. 
Suppose there are 4 smaller files on the Burning map on D:, named Movie.mpeg.Chopped_1, Movie.mpeg.Chopped_2, Movie.mpeg.Chopped_3 and Movie.mpeg.Chopped_4. Locate this map by first clicking the fifth button from the left, locate the first file in the series, here Movie.mpeg.Chopped_1 and choose this file. Next, choose by using the sixth button from the left, where you want to restore the file. Now the program's window may look like this: 
It has found the four smaller files and is ready to start the restoring, which is triggered by the seventh button from the left. 
If the smaller files had been on removable units instead, for instance on floppies, things would have been a little different. After having located the first file on the first floppy, the program would now ask for the number of files, because the other smaller files are not available for the program at this moment. Answering "5", the program's window may now look like: 
where the question marks under Individual Sizes (B) indicate 5 smaller files but of unknown sizes. When the restoring is in progress, these question marks will be replaced by the files' actual sizes.