Self Uniting Files 
If a self uniting batch file was created by clicking the fourth button right after the splitting, the original file may be restored without use of the program. This self uniting file is actually a DOS batch file, containing ordinary DOS commands. Using this alternative, no options, whatsoever is available. The self uniting file and all smaller files have to be at the same directory, and the file to be restored will be created at this directory. This means, for example, that if the smaller files are on floppies, these files and the self uniting file, have to be copied onto the hard disk before the restoring can be started. 
When finished with the copying, run the self uniting batch file, for example by double clicking it in the Explorer. A DOS window like the one above will pop up. Hit any key to start the process. After the restoring is done, the window will show both the actual size of the restored file and how big it should be. Make sure that these figures are the same. If not, one of the smaller file may be missing or is corrupt. The restoring is successful only if the sizes agree.