There are two ways to choose whether or not the program should take a pause, during its progress.  
  • Using the pause menu. 
  • Using the pause button, the eighth button from the left. 
    These do not work the same. 
    Using the pause menu, three alternatives are presented: 
    1. Always before each smaller file. 
    2. Only before smaller files to/from removable media. 
    3. Never. 
    The second one is default. However, occasionally one of the other alternatives might come in handy. This means that before every smaller file is about to be created (for splitting), or read (for restoring), the program pauses, to give the user time to change floppies, zip-drives, SyQuest-disks or whatever removable media type is used, before the process goes on. 
    The pause button works differently. When clicked at, the process is halted and you may choose either to go on with the process or stop it. Sometimes it takes a little while before the process is halted, because the program only checks on a regulary basis if this has been done. Checking too often would slow down the execution.