Introduction to Power Crypto 
With Power Crypto, you may encrypt and decrypt simple messages as well as all sorts of files, using a user-friendly interface and security levels way beyond what you ever will need. Below is a mixed snapshot of the interface's different appearences. There, you enter, or paste in, plain or encrypted text, or one or more plain or encrypted files. You choose among your hard-to-guess keys, by referring to their easy-to-remember nicknames, and start the process of encryption or decryption using one of the padlock buttons. 
After having encrypted text, it may be selected and cut or copied as usual text, and, for example, be pasted into an e-mail. The receiver selects and copies the encrypted message, pastes it into the Encrypted Text frame, clicks at the unlocked padlock button, and, the message is revealed. 
To encrypt files, just locate them with the left browse button, or enter their full path (wildchars are allowed), and start the process. Using the right half of the window, already encrypted files may be entered and are ready for decryption. 
The only necessary information is a shared secret key, here exemplified by the nickname Good Example (one of three supplied standard keys) but the key itself may be a long and complicated string of characters. For aim in creating good random keys, a Key Generator is supplied. Note that the shared secret key can be safely distributed over the Internet following the scheme here