Welcome to Matex Data HB 
We're a small company located in the southern part of Sweden. We develop shareware programs. 
NB! Version 2.0 of our latest product, C Memory Scavenger, is now released. 
  • Our latest product, C Memory Scavenger, is designed for professional C programmers, both on the Windows platform and on the Solaris platform. The product helps you not only to find memory leaks in C code, but does also give you the possibility to use it as a sort of semi-automatic "garbage collector". This way you do not have to locate and find out all your memory leaks to fix them. This may very well be built into products, even commercial, to manage memory leaks "on-the-fly". 
  • Our best selling product so far, File Chopper, lets you split any file in a number of smaller parts of arbitrary sizes, for later restoring. It has been sold to 54 countries. 
  • Another powerful tool is Power Crypto, which gives you the possibility to encrypt both files and text messages with almost an arbitrary level of secret. High level of security is nowadays many times very important. Many other powerful encryption programs rely on more or less classified algorithms, but this one is based on completely free knowledge. 
    Ulf Oreborn is awarded the credential of Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®). This certification is widely considered the benchmark for the information security profession. The CISSP is governed by the non-profit International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, commonly known as (ISC)2